Would you like to establish your business at Norway's new arena for health innovation?


About Gardermoen Campus

The potential for innovation within the Norwegian health industry is high. Increased demand for user-centric solutions alongside new welfare technology entails unique possibilities for innovation and interaction. Gardermoen Campus aims to create an arena for innovation and increased interaction between health industries in Norway.

Gardermoen Campus is a large development area of about 60 acres. The area is developed with 38.000 sqm of buildings, and there is room for a further 30.000 sqm.

The establishment of the LHL Clinics and the Health House at Gardermoen has created the basis for a business and service cluster, especially within a large proportion of health-related activities such as medicine, research and development, technology, services, education, public/private health services and other knowledge-based industry.

Various business and service functions provides a basis for a range of local services, including meeting places, restaurants and cafes and active outdoor spaces, to the benefit of the hospital and the surrounding community. The area offers considerable potential as a link between adjoining recreational spaces and could become a leisure destination that lies within acceptable walking and cycling distance of the residential areas in the nearby town of Jessheim, without competing with Jessheim’s position as the centre of the area.

The area is being developed by Gardermoen Campus Utvikling AS, which is jointly owned by Hemfosa Samfunnsbygg AS and Aspelin Ramm Eiendom AS. The buildings are designed by Nordic Office of Architecture, whose past designs include St. Olavs hospital in Trondheim and the Oslo Airport Gardermoen expansion project.


The area

Gardermoen Campus is located on the northbound E6 after the exit for Oslo Airport, opposite the Quality Airport Hotel Gardermoen and the Esso service station.

Gardermoen Campus will form part of the city of Jessheim, and will lie close to not only Jessheim town centre but also to major areas of housing. The area is also close to untouched spaces of natural beauty, such as Nordby Tarn, which is a well-known recreational area. The location of the site is such that it is not disturbed by aircraft noise, even though it lies close to and has excellent transport links with Oslo Airport.

The intention is to create an area that embodies outstanding architectural and landscape qualities. Aspelin Ramm’s prior experience from, for example, the Vulkan Project in Oslo, will be applied in lowering energy consumption and exploiting the benefits of co-locating a range of different functions. Property developers Hemfosa have extensive experience of developing a wide range of health care facilities.

The plan for the development seeks to encourage a high degree of public transport use, strengthening of the public transport axis between Jessheim and Gardermoen. Priority will be given to green recreational areas and good pedestrian and cycle connections.



The completed buildings at Gardermoen Campus are fully leased to the following partners:

LHL-sykehuset Gardermoen

30.000 sqm

LHL is a member-based, ideal and comprehensive health organization with over 52,000 members. The combination of 250 local teams, clinics and hospital operations gives LHL a unique opportunity to follow up patients and relatives before, during and after treatment. Through research, political influence, public awareness, professional treatment and close follow-up, LHL has contributed to giving people a better life since 1943.

Read more about LHL on www.lhl.no.


Helsehuset (Health House)

8.700 sqm

Gardermoen Campus Helsehus is a joint local medical center for the municipalities of Nannestad, Gjerdrum, Hurdal and Ullensaker. The Health House offer health and care services, emergency services, municipal emergency services, physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation.

The Health House also houses premises for LHL (2.800 sqm office), PTØ Norway (850 sqm) and Vituasapotek (220 sqm).

PTØ Norge

850 sqm

PTØ Norway has a specialized (re)habilitation offer for people with neurological diseases or injuries. They offer tailor-made training, both in groups and individually as needed. PTØ treats children and adolescents with cerebral palsy. It is the branch office at Hamar and Ski which will be moved to Gardermoen Campus.

Read more about PTØ at www.ptø.no.



220 sqm

The Vitus chain of pharmacies is owned by Norsk Medisinaldepot (NMD), which is one of Norway’s largest suppliers of pharmaceutical and health-related products. The Vitus pharmacy is centrally located between the LHL-clinics and the Health House.

Read more about Vitusapotek at www.vitusapotek.no.